Grow as an artist and an independent thinker at GSA

Gorey School of Art is a hive of activity. Visitors to our school are always amazed at the huge variety of student work in production. Students engaging in drawing, painting, sculpture, print, animation, model making, photography and filmmaking is an everyday experience at GSA. The students are both school leavers and mature students and this mix makes for a diverse learning environment. With a 100% placement record for those students making college applications and most students gaining 600/600 marks in their portfolio college assessments, GSA is the first choice for most students preparing portfolios for creative degree programmes.

Students have unique opportunities at Gorey School of Art. As your college year progresses, we intermix your course learning with real-world experience. Our Periphery Space programme includes artists in residence who work with the tutors to give our students insights into the art world, a 4K Dolby Vision cinema with a membership base, national exhibitions in our dedicated gallery and workshops with industry specialists in art, film, photography, model-making, puppetry and critical writing and thinking.

This combined experience leads to portfolios that speak for each and every student we have. Make YOUR portfolio at GSA.

Film made by Kealan Power, Photography and Filmmaking student 2018/19